Hello dear readers!

I am newly back, revived and reset, from my vacation to Oklahoma City (OKC) where I had a mini family reunion with my mom and sister. We chose OKC because my sister had a work event there and it was a logical halfway meeting point between where we all live. It may seem like an odd choice for a vacation city, but it did not disappoint. Although the weather was hot and muggy, the locals were friendly and there was a long list of interesting attractions, my favorites being the American Banjo Museum and a Chihuly art glass display at the OKC Museum of Art. For me, visiting new places and learning new information is a sure-fire way to get my brain synapses frenetically firing, resulting in an abundance of creative flow.

Keeping things fresh is key to creativity, and that includes reviving my creative space. Just prior to leaving on vacation, I ordered a new writing desk which will be tucked away in my own private writing nook removed from the common area where my current desk sits amongst all the household distractions. Color-wise, my space will have a beachy feel since the memory of the sounds and smells of the ocean is a place that I derive energy from, even here in landlocked Idaho. Perhaps my next vacation will take me closer to the sea.

All this fuss is meant to set me up for success as I move forward on my current projects, including finishing up The Ballad of Buddy. A stand-alone spin-off novel from the Lucy Vaughn Mystery Series, this novel will delve into the world of Buddy Wilson, Lucy’s problematic ex-boyfriend. You won’t want to miss learning more about Buddy in this engaging and mysterious book!

I’m also expanding my horizons by getting involved with groups and projects that support reading and writing. I’m a low-vision author and I recently joined the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Writers’ Division, attending my second meeting by Zoom last night. The organization aims to expand opportunities for blind writers and promote the welfare of blind persons through writing. And, like other writing groups, they share information on writing and publishing. The NFB Writers’ Division even has it’s own quarterly magazine called Slate & Style to which members are encouraged to submit stories and articles.

Recently, I also heard about a local opportunity for activism called the Read Freely Project which encourages people to “highlight and distribute recent books that are diverse, well-written, and yet vulnerable to censorship in the current social climate. The project is designed to connect readers with authors and stories that are different from our own and often unheard.” I signed up to help distribute books this fall and look forward to making a difference for local readers and underrepresented or unfairly targeted authors.

Finally, if you happen to pick up the current issue of Modern Cat Magazine, my second published Tiny Cat Story appears on page 76!

Thank you for reading!

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