Lucky Lucy’s Sweepstakes for Literature Lovers

There’s a new section listed on the menu at the top of the page which just might make you a winner! Fans of the Lucy Vaughn Mystery Series know that Lucy Vaughn loves to enter sweepstakes, a character trait based on my own love for the hobby. I also love to help people learn how to win. Just this past week I taught an online course for my local community education program called Sweepstaking: Fun & Free. Since the program recently added the option of teaching online, I was able to include potential hobby sweepers from all around the U.S. I have taught this course several times since 2017, updating the slides each time to reflect the newest and most important information on starting a sweepstakes hobby.

It seemed only logical to put books and sweepstakes together so fans and readers can try their luck at winning free literary prizes just like Lucy and me! When you click the menu link for Lucky Lucy’s Sweepstakes for Literature Lovers, you will find a list of giveaways and sweepstakes from publishers, book blogs, authors, stores, and literary fan sites. I will attempt to keep the sweepstakes page updated by removing sweepstakes after the entry deadline has closed and adding more sweepstakes as I find them. Check back regularly and use the Lucy Vaughn Mystery Series for some winning inspiration!

Enjoy and good luck!

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