Paranormal Project

If you read my first novel, The Debt Collectors: A Lucy Vaughn Mystery, you may have guessed that I have some interest in the paranormal. I have been fascinated by things “unknown” for many years, but I first learned about the paranormal when I was a kid from a girl in my neighborhood who was convinced her house was haunted.

I started reading books about people’s experiences with the paranormal and as a young adult indulged my love of learning about it by participating in historic ghost tours. My fascination didn’t wane and in my thirties I joined a hobby paranormal investigation group with which I was able to go on one investigation at a historic Virginia home.

But after that I moved several times, and life got busy, so I didn’t pursue my paranormal hobby outside of writing fiction. That is until last week. I have always loved learning and decided I wanted to take an online class. But on what?

After searching several online learning catalogs, I came across a course called Investigating the Paranormal. Since it has been over ten years since participating in that investigation, I thought it would be fun to see what a course on the subject would offer today. I signed up for the 3 ½ hour class and, viola, I have a certificate of completion!

As interesting as the course was, the main thing I learned was that I do not want to be a paranormal investigator. I much prefer researching and writing on the topic versus field work. But the class did get me asking some questions – ones I have decided to answer by writing a nonfiction book!

I am excited to say that as of right now I have been hard at work doing research and have written a three-part outline for my paranormal project. The angle I am taking may surprise you, but more on that another time.

What are your thoughts on the paranormal? Do you believe? Are you a skeptic? Tell me your stories! You can post in the comments or reach me through the contact link above.

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