Prompt Story: The Argument

I organize a prompt writing group that meets online once a week to share writing we create based on various prompts. The exercises are meant to develop and solidify a writing habit and to help get the creative juices flowing. You never know when a piece written for a prompt will turn into a longer writing project. I will be sharing some of the stories I’ve created on this blog.

Prompt: Start your story with: Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head… (This prompt appears in various places on the internet, so I don’t have an exact source to credit).

The Argument

by Carolyn Fenzl

© 2021, Carolyn Fenzl. All rights reserved.

Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head, Jaxon sat still and quiet. After all, he knew he probably deserved this.

He’d stolen Andy’s car and smashed it against the big sycamore tree at the edge of the drive.

Jaxon wasn’t sure why he’d done it. He’d just felt so mad that Andy had something that cool. Plus, when Ellie next door saw it, she’d been impressed. Jaxon liked Ellie and didn’t want her paying so much attention to Andy.

It was just a stupid car. They’d been friends before all this happened. Now Jaxon wished he could rewind the afternoon before everything had gotten so messed up.

But now here he was looking down the business end of the gun.

Every few seconds, Andy waved the gun around menacingly.

At least Andy was hesitating on pulling the trigger. Jaxon was hopeful he could talk Andy down from his agitated state.

But before he could think of what to say, he heard Andy’s stomach grumble.

“I need lunch,” Andy said abruptly.

Andy put down the water gun and retrieved his toy car. Then he and Jaxon ran toward the house.

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