Rejection letter – I got one this week. Most writers, who regularly submit their work, are familiar with the rejection letter. I’m sure you’ve heard before that many famous published authors receive multiple rejections before their one acceptance. (Check out the article “6 Famous Authors Who Once Faced Rejection”). But there are certain steps you can take to help improve your chances of receiving an acceptance letter.

  1. Make sure your submission is a good fit. This is true whether you’re submitting to a journal, magazine, newspaper, or even an agent.
  2. Follow the submission guidelines. This includes word count, whether your piece should be attached or in the body of an e-mail, subject matter, and style guidelines.
  3. Submit quality writing. If you don’t feel good about your story, edit and rewrite until you do. Be creative but also follow genre expectations.
  4. Submit often and to various places. While it’s true you can’t be rejected if you don’t submit, you also can’t be accepted.

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