Prompt Story: The Boyfriend

I organize a prompt writing group that meets online once a week to share writing we create based on various prompts. The exercises are meant to develop and solidify a writing habit and to help get the creative juices flowing. You never know when a piece written for a prompt will turn into a longer writing project. I will be sharing some of the stories I’ve created on this blog.

Prompt: On a cold evening, two people cheers over hot chocolate. One mug contains more than just hot chocolate. (Prompt from

The Boyfriend

by Carolyn Fenzl

© 2021, Carolyn Fenzl. All rights reserved.

The fire was crackling in the fireplace, casting shadows on the walls of the living room. Jake was still sitting on the couch when I returned from the kitchen with two mugs of hot chocolate. He looked regretful but there was also a hint of relief on his face.

“Let’s still be friends. I mean it,” he had said just minutes ago when he broke my heart.

“Then let’s toast to friendship,” I had said as I left to make the hot chocolate.

Now I smiled warmly as I handed him a mug and sat beside him. “To friendship,” I toasted as we clinked our mugs together.

I watched his sexy lips as he blew on the hot beverage before taking a sip. Then, so as not to arouse suspicion, I did the same. We sat in awkward silence, neither of us knowing what to say next as we drank.

Finally, Jake put his empty mug on the coffee table and stood up. “I guess I should go then. Thanks. You’ve been really cool about everything,” he said as he headed for the door.

I just watched him in silence as he fetched his jacket from the coat rack next to the door. It should happen any second now. At least that’s what the woman I’d bought the potion from had told me.

Jake reached for the doorknob but hesitated. Then he turned around. “I think I just made a terrible mistake,” he said, dropping his hand to his side. He walked back toward the couch, looking confused. But then more confidently he said, “I did make a mistake. A huge mistake. I love you!”

I smiled and stood up. He bent his head down to kiss me, and it was different this time. So passionate. He was definitely all in now. I would have to thank that woman who gave me the love potion. It certainly had worked its magic.

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