I have been feeling more creative lately, and I think adding three things into my weekly routine has helped.

1) I am reading more. Writers need to read, and to make sure I don’t let this slip through the cracks, I signed up for a local reading challenge called Extreme Book Nerd to read 50 books in various categories by the end of the year.

2) I am learning from other writers. I have been seeking out online workshops and other writing events to expand my knowledge base. For instance, women’s fiction author Marian Keyes has been hosting an Instagram Live series where she talks about different aspects of the craft of writing. I also joined my local writer’s guild to attend their workshops on craft. Many online writing events are free and open to the public.

3) I am writing more. Yes, I’m working on the books I am writing, but I’m also challenging myself. Taking a new writing prompt every week, alternating memoir and fiction, I write a short piece that I share with some fellow writers each Saturday.

By taking these three steps, I have found knowledge, inspiration and imagination.

What steps can you take to boost your own creativity in your field of interest?

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